Important Information: How to generate your affiliate link for the ExO Consultant Certification


Welcome to the OpenExO affiliate link building section. This information is to help you navigate the link generator system.

Important Notice: Currently we are only offering affiliate commission on our ExO Consultant Certification. Therefor there is only one URL (web-page link) that you’ll need to add to the affiliate link builder.


How to use the link builder

Step 1: Add this link to the fist box titled “Page URL”

Step 2: Click the button titled “Generate”

The link in the second box titled “Referral URL” now contains the ExO Certification product URL as well as your affiliate reference number.

Step 3: You can copy (using the copy button) the “Referral URL” link to share with your network in order to earn commission.

The link will look like the standard ExO Consultant Certification checkout link but it will be followed by /?ref=(your affiliate ID number)

For example: affiliate ID number)