ExO Foundations Certification

Get started by learning the foundations of the ExO Model 

The ExO Foundations Certification programme consists of four parts. There are 9 videos, a quiz, an assessment and the completion of an Exponential Quotient Survey.

Part 1 | The Video Content

There are 9 videos, you can watch these videos below. We recommend watching the videos in order. Click play and then the fullscreen button (4 arrows) to watch in full screen, you can also add captions or change the speed at which the video plays.

Part 2 | The Quiz

The Quiz is a 20 question multiple choice quiz that tests whether you have understood the concepts outlined in the videos. This quiz will guide you to the correct answer. You can always go back to watch the videos again if you are unclear of certain answers

Part 3 | The Assessment

The Assessment is a 6 question assessment that requires you to apply what you have learnt during the ExO Foundations Videos and Quiz. This assessment needs to be completed in one sitting and takes approximately 30min to complete. Take a look at this guide that will help you answer the assessment.

Part 4 | The Exponential Quotient Survey

The Exponential Quotient Survey allows you to score your Department at EMAAR based on the ExO Model. You need to answer this survey based on the current status and not a future status. 

Congratulations you have completed all the requirements!

You have completed all the requirements, our team will score your assessment in order to grant you the Foundations certification. This process can take up to 72 hours. We value your feedback as a way for us to be constantly improving.