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Please note: You’ll need to have completed the ExO Builder EBELI Fundamentals as a prerequisite to before you can apply for this course.

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We combined neuroplasticity with the best tools and methodologies for entrepreneurship and innovation. This allows entrepreneurs to understand, retain and put everything they learn into practice to build or support an Exponential Startup.

100% Online

100% Online Individual assignments.

Working with idea, project, startup or organization.




Recommended Duration

35 Videos (30 Days), 5-20 minutes.


EBELI Foundamentals

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What to Expect

Apply the 7 stages of Venture Building

Upgrade  your Team

Probe your Value Proposition

Validate your hypothesis about the Environment around your project

Get a deep understanding of your competition, your weakness, and your strengths

Validate your Business Model

Apply Attributes to Boost your idea

Start crystalizing your idea

Work on key components for scaling your startup

three-month access to canou (the only digital venture builder in the world) to track your progress

Access to the Marketplace

Receive 400 EXOS for two-one-hour. sherpaing session

Access to downloadable tools