Become an ExO Builder Instructor – Cohort

Please note: You’ll need to have completed the ExO Builder Fundamentals, instructor on training and 2 venturing building program shadowing as a prerequisite to before you can apply for this course.

Start your transformation journey

Be part of the ExO Builder staff on-demand as Instructor Adjunct. You will be shadowing seasoned instructors to understand how to manage startup programs on the pedagogical, logistical, and administrative processes.


Per Cohort


+4 weeks during venture building programs


Adjunct Instructor + shadowing venture building programs

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What to Expect

Instruct and teach  methodology  during venture building programs

Teach and lead other instructors

Be part of the teaching in the team

Impact millions of entrepreneurs

6 months access to canou  (the only digital venture builder in the world)

Access to the Marketplace

400 EXOS for two one-on-one sessions with an EBELI instructor Expert

Access to the tools is downloadable

Be part of our Staff on-demand:

Personal profile updated with NPS

earn EXOS as shadowing instructor sessions during startup programs

earn USD as sherpa sessions during startup programs