Become an ExO Builder sherpa in Training

Please note: You’ll need to have completed the ExO Builder Fundamentals as a prerequisite to before you can apply for this course.

Start your transformation journey

Be part of the ExO Builder staff on-demand as a sherpa on training. You will be included in a startup team and its development journey shadowing seasoned sherpas in action. Learn the Socratic method, question every entrepreneur’s assumption.

100% Online

100% Online Individual assignments.


One time payment Regular Price $288

Recommended Duration

5 Videos (4 Days), 5-20 minutes each.


EBELI Foundations

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What to Expect

shadow others season sherpas supporting entrepreneurs

Help entrepreneurs by changing challenging their ideas and mindset

Learn how to help entrepreneurs to validate their ideas

three-month access to canou (the only digital venture builder in the world) to track entrepreneurs progress

Access to the Marketplace

Receive 200 EXOS for 1 one-on-one. EBELI sherpa Expert

Access to downloadable tools

Be part of our Staff on-demand:

Personal profile updated with NPS

earn EXOS as sherpa shadowing sessions during startup programs