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Join our Exponential Opportunity training webinar where we discuss the current state of business & technology. Then looking at the ExO Consultant Certification, designed to teach the inner workings of Exponential Organizations and give you an opportunity to apply the ExO model in real-life assignments so that you can move your career forward.

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During the webinar, you will learn more about the content and structure of the Consultant Certification as well as hear from past participants about the value they received from the programme.

Our programmes help you to understand and apply the hidden recipe behind some of the most innovative and successful organizations that exist in the market today.

The future of business will be led by exponential organisations

We can already see this by the growing number of unicorn companies disrupting almost every industry as well as by the thousands of existing organizations applying the ExO model every day.


Dea Frankó-Csuba

ExO Consultant & Coach

Suman Sasmal

Exponential Consultant 

Soledad Llorente

ExO Consultant & Coach