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ExO Sprint Coach

Master the ExO Sprint Transformation process that will allow you to move an organization 3 years into the future in 10 weeks

Detailed understanding of the ExO Sprint process as well as a hands-on experience as an ExO Sprint participant

Foundations of team and process coaching and a hands-on experience as an ExO Sprint Coach together with supervision and mentoring from experienced ExO Sprint Coaches

Opportunity to select from a pool of additional masterclasses on various ExO-related and Sprint-related topics for further learning

Virtual innovation team experience including weekly and overall peer feedback as well as feedback from the experienced ExO Sprint Coach

Module on how to market, sell and manage a Sprint including access to the marketing and sales materials

Ability to use and administer the ExO Sprint module inside the OpenExO platform to be used when running Sprints for clients

Ability to be hired as an ExO Sprint Coach inside the OpenExO Marketplace 

Official ExO Sprint Coach Certification

Who should get ExO Certified?

Established Freelance Consultants

Provide additional services to your client base on innovation strategy and disruption and link your brand with the ExO Model to obtain external credibility

Innovation and Strategy Consultants

If you work for a mid-size to large consulting company, add ExO Services to your portfolio and benefit from a large community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth 

Internal Organizational Consultants

If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the ExO Certifications will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within


Dea Frankó-Csuba

ExO Consultant & Coach

Suman Sasmal

Exponential Consultant 

Soledad Llorente

ExO Consultant & Coach

Organizations and institutions that are currently being transformed by our certified ExO Practitioners

Start your transformation journey

100% Online

Individual + team assignments. Active case study. Videos + discussions.




6 weeks (10-16 hours/week)


Weekly call with ExO Trainer

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02 November 2020

English / Spanish 

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What to expect 

Active Course

10 weeks with insightful assignments


Weekly 1-1 calls

100% Online

Videos, discussions and assignments 

What our coaches say

Clarence Tan

Investor & Global OpenExO Ambassador

Sophie Krantz

Certified ExO Sprint Coach

Dea Frankó

Certified ExO Sprint Coach

Suman Sasmal

Certified ExO Consultant



I had a great time being a part of this process. The people I’ve come to know are all wonderful. Learnt more about myself and how to help others believe they can be a part of something bigger, while helping a business win financially. 


The methodology is so powerful and the certification is intense enough to live and experiment it.


If you put any more value, people will explode!


Thank you! I feel like the ecosystem is full of passionate people and I want to help bring abundance to the ecosystem itself.


The program certainly helped me build my overall understanding of Exponential Organisations and the effectiveness of the ExO Sprint. I have already started engaging with potential clients for running sprints and spreading the word in my network and, in this short time, am getting positive initial responses that I am building on.


This methodology will change the world and I am grateful for being a part of it.

ExO Certifications

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