The ExO Awake Presentation

Salim Ismail spent 5 years travelling around the world speaking to board members and C-suite executives of pretty much every company you can think of. During this time, he developed a unique ‘Awake’ script that he’s seen being successful in quickly introducing the key concepts behind his book and inspiring curiosity and inspiration in his audience.

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Who should be learning about ExOs

Established Freelance Consultants

Provide additional services to your client base on innovation strategy and disruption and link your brand with the ExO Model to obtain external credibility

Innovation and Strategy Consultants

If you work for a mid-size to large consulting company, add ExO Services to your portfolio and benefit from a large community of entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and thought-leaders to fuel your further growth

Internal Innovation Consultants

If you work for a large organization looking to transform, the ExO Certifications will help you develop the capabilities you need to make this change happen from within

Entrepreneurs and Company owners

Forward thinking entrepreneurs and company owners looking for growing their organisations and innovating from within.